Contact Info

Phone: 321-333-6454
Address: Windermere, FL

About the Artist

I have been drawing and painting since early childhood, study art and design in Peru, South America.
When I started painting it was just a hobby until my family and friends suggested to try to sell my pieces. And so I successfully did. And now, I follow my passion.

For me life is like a blank canvas where I can express and reflect all my emotions happiness, excitement, frustration, silence, confusion, love, passion, etc.

One day a very good friend asked me “how happy were you when you made that piece?” I just told her how I enjoy painting with vibrant, strong and happy looking colors. She looked at me with confusion and I just explained to her how my art represents the emotion I’m feeling as I’m going on with my day.

I love to use combinations of layers and mediums, I work with acrylic, oil, bitumen, concrete, caustic, cold wax, natural materials thing such ash, sand, metal, etc.

Playing with softness and hardness, colorful abstract painting that are driven by experimentation, each full of texture, vibrancy and versatility.

So my wish is being able to continue this journey doing what I love, what I’m passionate about and share my art with the world.

Follow your dreams no matter how big they are!

Ana Maria Cossio